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            3. 聯系我們
              It is a quick and effective method to increase the using area to use steel structure to add stories to the original building. Many engineering practices have proved that, compared with the old one, the scheme of adding storey has the characteristics of shorter construction period, lower cost and better use function. There are many craft materials and ways of roof adding layer production, among which steel structure construction is fast, safe and stable, as well as high value, which is widely adopted. Compared with concrete and wood, steel has higher yield point and tensile strength. Under the same bearing capacity, steel structure components have small cross-section and light weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation. These are conducive to the indoor production of steel structures, but also greatly increase the indoor space. At the same time, the steel structure has the advantages of simple manufacture, short construction period, no maintenance, and simple decoration and connection in the later stage. These advantages are conducive to the reconstruction and reinforcement of the building structure.
              屋頂加層鋼結構因涉及到安全問題,根據使用的要求,每平荷載公斤不等,不同寬度設計鋼材型號不一樣,必須有專業的人員施工,專業的設計及技術人員。值得注意的是鋼結構自身是與房體直接接觸,這就必須考慮原有房體的承重,及結構自身承載對原房銅鐘 一次性止血帶 標志樁模具 鋼絲輪 流水槽模具 防撞墻模具 檢查井鋼模具 不銹鋼鑄件 模鍛件體的沖擊。隨意的破壞墻體結構,去完成閣樓的搭建,會使整個結構存在隱患,屋頂加層在設計上的要求,盡可能在滿足承重的情況下,把結構的自重降到最低,這樣有利于兩個結構的使用及安全。
              Due to the safety problems involved in the roof adding steel structure, according to the requirements of use, the average load of each flat load is not equal to kg, and the design steel models of different widths are different. Therefore, there must be professional construction personnel, professional design and technical personnel. It is worth noting that the steel structure itself is in direct contact with the house, so the bearing capacity of the original building and the impact of the bearing capacity of the structure on the original building must be considered. Random damage to the wall structure, to complete the attic building, there will be hidden dangers in the whole structure, roof adding layer in the design requirements, as far as possible to meet the load-bearing conditions, reduce the self weight of the structure to the minimum, which is conducive to the use and safety of the two structures.


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